HiddenToolbox is the worlds most popular, advanced and powerful Windows based software (not a toolbar) designed to make all of your files invisible, organize them, and never get caught viewing your images, videos, or browsing on the web.

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Are my files really invisible?

Absolutely! HiddenToolbox is unlike other encryption systems where it's obvious you're utilizing encryption on your computer. Once imported nobody will know the files exist on the computer, they are totally invisible, the computer appears to be completely clean.

Will anybody know I have HiddenToolbox installed?

NO! Not only are your files invisible, but the HiddenToolbox program itself is also invisible, nobody will know it's installed on your computer! Giving you peace of mind that anybody can use your computer.

If the software is invisible, how do I access it?

There are no shortcuts to start the program, you'll access it by pressing a combination of four secret keys that you set up.

What if somebody happens to press my secret combo keys?

After the correct combo keys have been pressed, as a secondary backup you will also be asked to enter a password, using a virtual keyboard, which will not identify itself as part of HiddenToolbox.

Why the virtual keyboard?

The virtual keyboard will stop anybody from spying on you should they have installed a keylogger program on your computer.

What if I lose my access keys, password?

Don't panic. You can sign in to our site to retrieve them.

Will I leave a history when viewing my images and videos?

NO! HiddenToolbox includes its own built-in media player/image viewer, capable of playing all major codecs. Play at standard size, medium, or full screen. As our player and viewer is built into our software absolutely no history will be left behind.

Will I leave a history when browsing web sites?

NO! HiddenToolbox has its own built-in web browser that never leaves any history. As it is part of the secret environment it is still able to keep a history, bookmarks and favorites, just like any other browser, only it's all safe and secret within the HiddenToolbox.

What about my current bookmarks/favorites?

You can import your bookmarks/favorites from all major browsers, keeping them hidden from prying eyes within the secret environment.

Video bookmarking

Our enhanced media player allows you to set as many video bookmarks as you like within a video so you can easily find your favorite parts.

Can I create Playlists?

Yes you can. You can create playlists of both images and videos.

What about organizing my files?

HiddenToolbox excels in organization. You can categorize, tag, and comment on all of your files. Then use the built-in search engine to find exactly what you're looking for, no more searching for that lost image or video of your favorite star or scene. Add custom tags and categories and edit/remove the pre-installed ones.

How do I know I've imported all my files into the safety of the HiddenToolbox?

The HiddenToolbox incorporates a highly accurate files scanner. Using a set of pre-loaded keywords and its built-in algorithm, HiddenToolbox can search all or any part of your hard drive(s) to find any files which it suspects as files. You can also add your own keywords, and remove the pre-loaded ones.

Is HiddenToolbox listed in the Add/Remove Programs?

NO! There are no entries within the Add/Remove Programs, to uninstall the program you must open the HiddenToolbox and select the uninstall option.

What if I can't get to my computer?

Computer stolen, lost, or you just can't get to it? Maybe you lost your job? Log into our web based control panel from another computer or smart phone and request a remote destruction which will instruct the HiddenToolbox to shred your hidden files and uninstall the software.

Can it store other files or is it just for images and videos?

You can import any file type, so for example you could import sensitive Word documents, or PDFs.

Can I store my hidden files on a cloud, external or network drive?

Yes! You can store all of your hidden files on any external device.

Can files I import be undeleted from my hard drive

NO! When you move files into the HiddenToolbox is will also securely shred the original so that nobody can use other software to undelete them.