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HiddenToolbox is so much more than just valuable end user software, it's also a powerful sales tool which increases conversion rates for pay sites where the end user may have a concern over their privacy!

Don't lose that sale! Use HiddenToolbox to make more $$$

The number one fear of end users, and the reason why they shy away from signing up sites that contain content that the end user would wish to keep to themselves is being caught by somebody, a spouse/partner, boss etc. HiddenToolbox solves that problem!

Increase sign up conversion rates on your own pay site site!

If you operate a site where privacy of the content is a potential concern of your end user then you should be offering HiddenToolbox to increase your conversion rate. By offering HiddenToolbox to your visitors their confidence in becoming a member of your site will be increased significantly, as they are now able to surf your site in complete privacy. Increased confidence in privacy translates into higher conversion rates for your site!

Increase revisits to your site

When an end user opens the HiddenToolbox they will be presented with the built-in web browser. All free trial and full versions can be set to contain a link on the default home page hyperlinking end users back to a URL of your choice.

Real-Time Reports

Sign into your control panel at any time to view reports. Find out how many installs you have had, how many sales, how much cash you have made, all in real-time.

Enhanced Tracking!

As soon as a user installs HiddenToolbox your referral ID is recorded in our database. If a user takes time to make a purchase, and even if they delete their cookies, our system is able to match them to our database using our proprietary tracking system, so your referral commission will still be tracked!

Prompt payments every 2 weeks

Receive regular payments on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Free, fully functional trial

Give your visitors the opportunity to find out just how powerful HiddenToolbox is with a free 14 day trial. After the trial ends, users must purchase a license to continue using the software. Our proprietary anti-piracy and tracking system locks into the end users computer ensuring you always get paid!

Volume Licensing

For partners who have high volumes of traffic, volume licensing is available. Utilize redemption codes which end users can redeem for full licenses. Redemption codes can be given away as incentives to entice your end users into signing up to your pay site or sold at heavily discounted rates as upsells. End users simply take the redemption code which you issue to them to our site to redeem their full license, create their account and download the software ( click here for example). Contact us to find out how you can run with volume licensing with absolutely no upfront costs.

Increase your pay site conversion rate by offering HiddenToolbox to your end users. Users who have increased confidence that they can participate with your site without the fear of being caught by a spouse, partner, boss etc. are much more likely to sign up!

Revenue share Affiliate Program

A second option is to promote the software to end users on a revenue share basis, this option is ideal for sites that do not offer paid services, such as tube sites.

Earn 50% on all sales After the fully functional trial has expired end users must purchase a license