HiddenToolbox - The Story

HiddenToolbox is a Windows based desktop application (not a toolbar) which was built in Orlando, Florida by a group of software gurus with a passion for personal privacy, each with a range of anywhere from 20 to 30 years experience in software development.

We decided to build HiddenToolbox after we noticed that there were literally no products available which offered secure file protection and management all in one place, there's no point using an encryption program when you have to take your files out of the encrypted area to view and play media, which leaves you vulnerable and it can leave a history in places you never thought possible!

The HiddenToolbox is just that, a toolbox, everything you need in one place, we took the concept of hiding your files, and then we started adding to it, users want to browse the web in privacy, add a secret browser, when they play their videos or view images they need to keep them hidden and not leave a history, add a secret media player. A user might have thousands of files, wouldn't it be nice to just be able to find what you want, quickly and easily? You bet it would! So we added an organizer where you can add tags, comments and categorize each file, using the built-in search engine to easily find your files.

Once we started building we couldn't stop, it got personal, let's add things we'd like to see, a video bookmarker to bookmark any part of a video and go right to it, in it went, while we're at it, let's add a playlist maker.

We wanted to build a product that we ourselves would want to use, something we could be proud of, and that's what we did.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is obviously key, which is why we made sure that all files stay on your computer, we don't upload them to some cloud service where who knows who is looking at them! We also added super high strength 256 bit encryption, and then worked some special magic to make all the files invisible! Yep, that's right invisible, nobody can see them, but there was one more thing, we always thought it was a bad deal that all other programs were visible, so we made the HiddenToolbox program itself invisible, there's no shortcuts, you'll use special secret combo keys and password to get to it, one clean computer coming right up!

Of course if you choose to upgrade and buy a full version, we made sure we had your back, and so we made sure our payment processor report a non-descript name to your statement, ACS SOFTWARE, and to make sure we've got you covered we put all of our payments through the highly trusted PayPal, in combination with our secure 256 bit encrypted SSL.

We'd like to hear from you

We've really thought this out, and we're confident that we've covered every detail, we are of course always open to suggestions, whether that's a new feature or an update to an existing feature, so always free free to contact us we'd love to hear from you, even if you want to just tell us what you think.

We also recommend you visit our FAQ for further details.