• Secure your files!
    Protects you from Spouse, Boss
    Stolen/Lost computer
    Minors viewing your files
  • Ultimate Privacy!
    Browse the web in secrecy
    Make your files invisible
    Secret media player

Secret Web Browser

  • Browse the web in secrecy without leaving a trace
  • Import bookmarks/favorites from other browsers
  • Built in popup blocker
Secret Web Browser
Import files into secret environment

Import files into
secret environment

  • Hides your files so nobody else can see them
  • The HiddenToolbox software is also invisible!

File Organizer

  • Never lose files again with the file organizer
  • Add tags, categorize, comments
  • Add your own custom categories
File Organizer
Secret Media Player

Secret Media Player

  • Play media without leaving a trace
  • Plays MPG, MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, Divx, flash and more
  • Theater and full screen mode

Video Bookmarks

  • Bookmark favorite parts of videos
  • Multiple bookmarks within a single video
Video Bookmarks
Search/Files Scanner

Search/Files scanner

  • Built-in scanner performs intelligent scans of your hard drive locating files you might want to protect.


  • Create playlists for images or videos
  • Automatic slide show of playlists
Panic Button

Panic Button

  • Instantly close HiddenToolbox and return to your desktop.

Virtual Keyboard

  • Virtual keyboard ensures key loggerscan't log your password
Virtual Keyboard

No other software offers you so much!

PC Privacy

  • Makes files invisible
  • HiddenToolbox program is invisible
  • Browse web in secret without leaving a trace
  • View your images and videos leaving no history
  • Hidden files encrypted to military standards
  • Instant file viewing with zero decrypt time
  • File shredder ensures deleted files cannot be unerased
  • Remote self-destruct when the PC cannot be reached
  • User defined instant shut down panic keys
  • Timer based auto shut down
  • Pop up blocker
  • Secret key recovery through web based control panel
  • Store any files, videos, images, documents, PDF, Word etc

Media Tools

  • Built-in secure and secret media player
  • Supports all popular codecs, mpg, mp4, wmv, avi, divx, 3gp, flash etc
  • Video bookmarking takes you to your favorite parts of a video
  • Create video and audio playlists


  • Organize media by keywords, tags & comments
  • Create custom storage categories
  • Search Engine – Find your media fast by keywords, tags & comments
  • Import your favorite web bookmarks


  • Free product updates
  • Free support
  • Free premium online services